The pricing of 3D-Product is based on accounts where the different levels controls which functionality, how many unique users that can use it, and what possibilities you have for your exported media. Have a look at the comparison below and find which account that suits you best.

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Basic Pro Enterprise
Step 1 - Optimize
Choose between 3 levels of pre-definied optimization
Change individual settings yourself
Step 2 - Customize
Customize basic material attributes
Customize the colors of materials
Use images as textures (as colors and normal map)
Customize camera, lighting and reflections
Step 3 - User Interface
Transparent background*
Customize background color and transparency
Use an image as a background
Add a logotype or a watermark on top of your viewer / images
Choose what movement types to enable
Set limits of the selected movements
Change icon style
Enable/disable individual icons
Icon position placements
Free images included
Free interactive projects included
Images in jpg format with white background in 1024x1024 pixles
Images in jpg/png format in 2048x2048 pixles**
Images in jpg/png format in 4096x4096 pixles**
Interactive project with a folderbased structure of files***
Interactive project within a single html document****
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