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Create beautiful images or an interactive product viewer of your 3d-model. Upload your own 3d-model or try it now with one of our examples!

What is 3D-Product?

3D-Product is a web application where you can upload and modify a 3D-model in real-time and create a downloadable, personalised interactive 3D viewer or as many images as you want, with no previous experience in the area.
While CAD software is great for product development, the available options are usually lacking when it comes to visualization. 3D-Product aims to bridge the gap between CAD environment and your stunning presentation by offering a simple and quick method of applying colors and light to your models, and then either saving rendered images or to create an interactive web viewer that allows you or your client to freely move around your finished model.


Images for print
Interactive 3D for websites
Images for presentations
Interactive 3D for presentations
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Interactive 3D for exhibitions

The inventor

Your idea is something remarkable, you just need others to understand it as well. With 3D-Product you can make a bunch of good looking images of it, and even show it as interactive 3D in your presentation of it. And another good thing about 3D-Product is that you only pay a monthly fee and can make as many images or interactive 3D projects as you wish. So even if your invention is constantly changing, you can update the media at the same time.


The in-house presentation

Your department or you as a creator needs to present your idea of a new product that can be a game changer in your industry. But it is in an early stage and you can’t show it externally or spend to much money on it. Usually these presentations can be made of dull images from the CAD-software. But what if you could stand out and show it as interactive 3D in front of the decision makers and rotate, zoom and explain every part of it without making it static and dull. That could get your product much more interest, and perhaps more funding…


Component visualisation

Your company that sells spare parts to the industrial industry wants to be more up to date and stand out from the crowd, and not just to add effects and eye candy, but something that can be really useful. You decide to go with interactive 3D, that can be embedded in you other content of your website, much like a normal image, but instead one that the viewer can rotate and zoom as they want. And why not let your CAD-department add arrows and measurements in the scene. If you don’t have that inhouse and just get the models from your supplier, we at 3D-Product can help you with adding that in your scene if you get in touch with us. Then you can easily make the interactive 3D yourself in our webapplication.


The product launch

Your new product are just ready to launch, after years in the making. And your thinking of making dull images from your CAD software. Doesn’t your product deserve more than that?

When you have decided that it does, you need to find an 3D-illustrator who has the time and ability to make the images for it, and every little change cost extra. If you decide that your product deserves to stand out even more from the crowd and want to make interactive 3D that your customers can rotate and zoom as they which on your website, it is much harder to get that programming knowledge that is usually needed.

With 3D-Product you can make the images yourself, without earlier knowledge. The he hassle of making interactive 3D is also done for you, we have only left the easy and fun stuff for you to decide how you want it.

How does it work?

In the first step when you upload a 3D-model in 3D-Product you can optimize the model structure for optimal performance. When you are done with that you move along to the next step.

Here you can customize the Appearance by controlling surface attributes and light settings. You may also customize the look and feel of the User Interface and choose basic functionality for your interactive project.

When you have arrived at the second step you may at any time download images of your model, as well as your finalized 3D-model viewer.